Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Colouring of Foamiran Flowers with different media

Hello, everyone!

Recently I had a lot of questions about the colouring of foamiran flowers.
You are asking me with what to colour foamiran, which media are the best, which media am I using?
Well, it's really up to you. 
You need to check and make some experiments with inks, sprays, pigments etc.
After you will find the best option for yourself.

To help you with that I have made a short video, 
where I am comparing few, chosen from that what I have in my stock, 
different media.

Here is a video:

Hope you enjoyed it.

And now I will go through each media and I will tell what are my feelings about them.

First, Pigment Inks from Latarnia Morska. 
This is a polish manufacturer. They have a big choice of colours and they are easy to use.
Shading of foamiran petals is very good and finished effect is nice.

Ranger Distress Inks. Well, they are known very well.
I have tried it but they are not number one for me. 

13arts Colour Mist Sprays.
This is a polish manufacturer and they are available HERE in Monika's store.
A big choice of colours, pastel, chalk and pearl shades.
They are very good for mixed media creations but also not too bad with foamiran.
Maybe little bit wet for that kind of work and you need to wait few minutes to dry but a finished effect is satisfactory.

Ranger Distress Spray Stain.
Another product signed by Tim Holtz.
This particular one is antiqued bronze, with glowing particles.
I like it and I like the effect.

PentelArts has in their offer Oil Pastels. For me is number one. 
In this set, I have a choice of 36 colours. Usage is very simple. 
I am applying colours with wet, baby wipe.

MEMENTO fade-resistant Dye Inks.
My opinion: they are good for stamping.

And last ones, ECOLINE watercolour inks.
I like them a lot with my mixed media creations. 
With foamiran - too wet to work with.

And here are some close-ups of flowers made with using different mediums.

Don't be afraid to use different media. You will find the best way for you.
Hope you enjoyed my video and I helped you a little bit with your concerns and questions.
Feel free to contact me here or on FACEBOOK page Foamiran Flowers UK.

Have a good day!

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  1. Thanks for this, I have just received my foamiran and wondered what I could use to stamp onto it with. [when not using a die] xx[aNNie]