Sunday, 19 February 2017

White lilies and video tutorial.

Hello dear!

Hope you have missed me!
I have missed you a lot!
When I was thinking what to prepare for you, the sun was shining through my window and I have felt that spring is very close.
So we need to forget about winter and dream about warm, bright and fragrant spring!

That's why I have for you very spring inspirations.
Lilies, they smell beautiful and for me, lilies remind me First Holy Communion.
Pure and White. And of course month May and spring!
What you think?

Here is a lily made from white foamiran and coloured with oil pastels.
You can make few of these and put them together as a bouquet
or make a communion wreath or add them to your communion card.
Oh, lots of ideas!

Ok, and here is a video tutorial how to make it.

Hope you like it.
Here are two more photos of my lily:

To make lily petals I have used flower mould 007
With its help, you can give petal its natural appearance, leaf veins.
Soon they are going to be available in the shop.

And here a list of products which you can find in Monika's shop:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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